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My plans of eating better this year didn’t start too well.  Then I discovered the prepared vegetables from Sainsbury’s.  When you embark on any change in diet, preparation is essential, certainly when you work full time. I need to eat more fruit and vegetables, and my prepared frozen smoothie mix isn’t going to cut it. Step forward Sainsbury’s who’ve thought about our time poor eaters.

I used my vegetable spiralizer to death; now it sits in the cupboard because I can’t face another plate of courgette pasta. Butternut Squaffles, Coursagne and Swagliatelle are the next generations. These bags of prepared vegetables couldn’t be easier to prepare, and for those looking to avoid the carbohydrates, these alternatives are a godsend. Even if you’re not, the range is an excellent way to help you with a meat-free Monday.  I’ve made lasagne sheets from courgettes before and found it virtually impossible to cut even lengths.  Cut by what looks like a food preparation band-saw, and the slices are even and incredibly neat. Perfectly sized for your pan or baking dish. Worth £1.50 if you’re a bit OCD like me.  I can put the silly names to one side if it speeds up my day.

Vegetables – New Products

Butternut Squaffles (£1.25) come in a 300g bag and are washed and ready to use and need simply a drizzle of olive oil and to be placed into a hot oven for 20 minutes. These are brilliant if you’re missing potato chips or crisps.

Sainsbury's Squaffles - Butternut Squash chips

Sainsbury's Vegetables - Butternut Squaffles

Sainsbury's Vegetables - Butternut Squaffles

Sainsbury's Vegetables - Butternut Squaffles

Broccoli Rice (£1.25) is the equivalent of one medium broccoli finely chopped and ready to use. It’s a great alternative to rice and couscous and comes in a 300g bag. I threw in some Improper Butter Garlic Butter, and this lifted an otherwise bland vegetable.

Sainsbury's Vegetables - Broccoli Rice

You can add a little parmesan and red chilli flakes for another alternative, whisk in an egg and make into patties and fry. SO many recipes, so little time.

Courgette Lasagne sheets (£1.50) are perfect to stack and layer like lasagne sheets. They need 45 minutes to cook through. If courgette isn’t your thing, try the Butternut lasagne sheets. I used a recipe for lasagne, replacing the pasta sheets with a little of each. Both come in 400g packs.

Sainsbury's Vegetables - Vegetable Lasagne

Sainsbury's Vegetables - Vegetable Lasagne

Sweet Potato Tagliatelle (£1.25) comes in a 300g bag and is cooked in the microwave. It’s a great alternative to any long pasta and is washed and ready to cook. I threw in some fresh pesto and hey presto a quick after-work meal which took no time at all.

Sainsbury's Vegetables - Sweet Potato Tagliatelle

Sainsbury's Vegetables

Choose from Sweet Potato Tagliatelle (£1.25), Butternut Squash Lasagne Sheets (£1.50), Courgette Lasagne Sheets (£1.50) Crinkle Cut Squash Chips (£.25), Butternut Squaffles (£1.25), Broccoli rice (£1.25), Souper Green Soup (£2.00) and Black Kale (£1.00).

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