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On The High Wire, ‘Hold The Anchovies Please’ Gets Dizzy Watching Cirque du Soleil, Amaluna

It takes 86 technicians eight days to transform the Royal Albert Hall for the Cirque du Soleil performance of Amaluna, and it’s their eighth production at the Victorian Concert Hall.

Before the performers start rehearsals, 730 seats in the arena are removed to fit a new raised floor, 2 metres higher. A scaffolding grid and a 7 and a half metres revolving ring suspend from the ceiling. From this grid lighting clusters and anchor points are placed for the flying acrobatic performers. The winch in the centre of the Carousel can lift almost 500 kilogrammes at 3 metres per second. Exhausted? Have the heart for the Cirque du Soleil athletes and musicians performing throughout the 2-hour show.

Cirque du Soleil, Amaluna

Cirque du Soleil, Amaluna: The Story

It’s a celebration of love and a tribute to the work and voice of women. A very loose interpretation of William Shakespeare’s The Tempest

Amaluna is written and directed by Tony Award-winning director Diane Paulus. It follows the original play, although some names are changed and dialogue replaced with set pieces, including the four elements.

James Vincent McMorrow

I hadn’t heard of the band ‘City and Colour’ but I had heard of the support – the Irish singer-songwriter – James Vincent McMorrow. His voice has been likened to Bon Iver and he’s hiding a pretty piercing falsetto beneath that lumberjack-esque exterior so you can throw Jeff Buckley into the mix too.

I love him because he’s a brilliant storyteller, listening to his lyrics I often feel like I’m taking a confessional. He treads a well worn path following in the folksy footsteps of Ray Le Montage and the sublime Damian Rice. But that’s where any similarity ends (except of course in the facial furniture department) because James is more folksy-pop, his music is simplistic but by no means elementary and his lyrics are achingly beautiful. I discover tonight that his voice is pitch perfect, sounding as good live as he does on the album ‘Early In The Morning’ I then discover why. James recorded it in a cabin in the middle of nowhere with one microphone and without the help of any professional production equipment.

Of course there were fans there ‘James We Love You’ shouts one male as he takes to the stage but I hear various whispers from ‘who’s the support’ to ‘never heard of him’. A solitary figure on a well-lit stage shared only with the main act’s instruments and this bearded troubadour owned it from start to finish. He chose to open with ‘We Are Ghosts’ the lyrics tugging on the heart-strings of any hardened Emo fan.

A romp through the tracks from his album his acoustic set took advantage of the vastness of the space captivating the capacity crowd. As he began ‘If I Had a Boat’ you could hear a pin drop. As the song intensified, his voice ricocheted off the audience struck dumb by his range and passion. Its almost impossible not to be moved by the lyrics ‘If I had a boat, I would sail to you hold you in my arms, ask you to be true, once I had a dream, it died long before, now I’m pointed North, hoping for the shore’.

Whether you knew him before, you certainly do now. If you missed James he’s back in London on 31st May playing the Queen Elizabeth Hall – see you there!


We Are Ghosts
Sparrow And The Wolf
Follow You Down To The Red Oak Tree
We Don’t Eat
Down The Burning Rope
If I Had A Boat
Red Dust